American Horror Story OG - EarthGang,LVL'D UP - EarthGang,BILLI - EARTHGANG, Blxckie,AMBEYONCÉ - EarthGang Feat. Smino,SMOKE SUM (Remix) - EarthGang Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y


Quotable Lyrics:
So I’m f**ked up, geeked up (Uh)
Leanin’ like a tree trunk (Yeah)
I just dropped the blunt (Hey)
Doin’ jumps off a speedbump (What?)

I don’t keep no girl, but they just show up when I need one (Hey)
Baby, give me life like it’s Night at the Museum, ayy (Wow)
All about my freedom, ni**a, f**k your ego (Oh)

Tryna move the people (Oh), tryna catch a threesome, ayy (Uh-huh)
You think we competin’, our goals is different, I told you ni**as (Okay, woah)
I can never be happy with millions, at least ten figures

I need a billi’ (Uh), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), billi’ (Uh)
A billi’ (Ooh), a billi’ (Hey), a billi’ (Huh?), really (Huh?)
A billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), a billi’ (Ka-ching), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy)
A billi’ (Oh), really (Uh), a billi’