Bigger Than Life - Headie One Feat. Frenna

Bigger Than LifeHeadie One Feat. Frenna

Quotable Lyrics:
You know this money ain’t a object, it’s a mindset
Ni**as don’t talk about no money, they just mime it (Mime it)
We don’t bring no problems online, we bring it direct

All the times that they forgot themselves, we just remind them
I was neck deep in a ocean ’til I covered it in diamonds (Diamonds)
I’m with this bad B, we’re sippin’ cocktails on an island

Got all my rings on ’cause I’ve got problems decidin’
Why we still gotta solve problems with the violence?
I put my flick shank in a Pyrex

I spent my Christmas and Halloween sat up in Aberdeen
Father was mad at me, oh, Babaji
I brought tears to his eyes like an allergy

Uh, hey-ayy
Talk to me nice, we don’t reach the same heights
Hard knock life, was pretty hard to get by
Now it’s all ice, all you ni**as know why

I ain’t gon’ lie, try and scheme, you gon’ die (Uh-uh)
My, couple gone, couple doin’ life (Uh-uh)
Might do you wrong just to get right (Uh)

I have the North runnin’ all night (Uh)
I ain’t gon’ stop ’til we bigger than life