Big Money - Money Man

Big MoneyMoney Man

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I’m big Money, I pull up and pop out your OG
F**king with them killers, they’ll hop and step on you for free
Told her quit all of that playing, baby, why you teasing me?

All my blicks got switches on ’em so they empty easily
Went and got my weight up, ni**as think I’m taking creatine
Designer jugging, I just served a ni**a in Amiri jeans

Yeah, them shoes was Fear of God but I swear ain’t no fear in me
If I go today, my girl and kid gon’ shed some tears for me
My ni**as ain’t ever did no hair but they might come and split your wig

My pops had told me anything you do, make surе you do it big
So I went and got them zaza bags and put ’em on thе rig
We got pops and we got Dracs and we got glizzies and some SI