Like You (Groove 3) - Wiz Khalifa,1000 Women - Wiz Khalifa Feat. THEY.,Big Daddy Wiz - Wiz Khalifa Feat. Girl Talk

Big Daddy WizWiz Khalifa Feat. Girl Talk

Quotable Lyrics:
Lil’ ni**a, you ain’t built like me
I don’t call her at all but she still like me
Making a movie, they don’t film like me
They don’t start from the bottom, tried to build like me

You’ve gotta remember, he don’t feel like me
He don’t roll you one up and let you chill like me
Wear Gucci loafers, I don’t feel Nikes
You shouldn’t f**k with him ‘less them hundreds peel like these

Like these (Like these), likе these
Rims movin’ like skatеs, say they feel like skis (Feel like skis)
Like these (Like these), like these
Take you out on the ocean, feel the real slight breeze

Invite you over but don’t steal my keys (Ah)
Keep our business to ourself, baby, don’t spill my tea (My tea)
Them other ni**as, they don’t live like me
I always set out the realest so don’t steal my beat

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Girl Talk