Big Burna - Kid Ink feat Wiz Khalifa

Big BurnaKid Ink feat Wiz Khalifa

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, big burner
Smoke fire like the furnace
Ayy, reggie blunts, I just curve ’em
To the left, baby, don’t f**k the turn up
Ayy, frontos, no more Backwood

Yeah, out of Cali’, know the pack good
Yeah, put the blunt to her lips when she run her mouth (Yeah)
No sticks, smell a seed, better throw it out (Woah, woah)
4:20 on the Rollie (Rollie)

Cut the leaf like shinobi (Oh, yeah)
Never lowkey (Woo)
We be high up in the nosеbleeds (Nosebleeds)
Goin’ OT (OT)
Sweatsuit feelin’ cozy

RocketShipShawty thе chiefer (Yeah)
I walk in this b*tch, smell like Carti’ and reefer (Yeah)
Just watch how you hit it, lil’ bae, that’s a sleeper (Sup)
She call when she need her (Woo)