Big Bertha - Bfb Da Packman feat. Sada Baby

Big BerthaBfb Da Packman feat. Sada Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
Picked up a nigga bitch then pop me a perky
Fucking all night got a nigga thirsty
Drunk in love I was surfboard surfing
I do drugs hell na I aint perfect
I snuck my gun in the club they dont search me
I got the ups in case a nigga try to murk me
22 but I call her big bertha
Take my check? Ah, Is it really worth it?

Wait one question, do you love your life?
Touch my ice then you won’t leave the club tonight
Lamb chop eating in the club with the dirty sprite
Whole squad strapped in the club, Im with 30 dykes

Packman who made this beat? The goat Casey made it.
Quarter mill on grass and dirt so the pad is spacious
Naji telling me dont drop no music gotta have some patience
And if life a horror film then Im stabbin jason

I come from flint to have a ratchet dog thats drastically basic
I got dreams of coming home to Rih Rih and she asshole naked
Cheese pizza on arrival baby you can hold the bacon
Same bitches used to play me wanna f*ck me cause I made it

Stupid ass bitch you missed your blessings
Never satisfied with one plate, bae give me seconds
Dont be embarrassed by a queef its a gift from heaven
Bad bitches be poor as hell, just give me sevens
Laughing at my lyrics but the shit I feel legit

Nigga ran off with a hoopsy when he could of had a brick
Extort who bitch kill me I wont give yo ass a cent
And stop asking about a water bitch we suffer from that shit
You heard it on the news bitch we got lead in it

You make a joke you laugh I put your fucking head in it
I cut my cousin off our business cause he put the feds in it
The fiends love the dope I cook cause I put my leg in it
Bitch not my feet

First 100 racks say he iced his teeth
If I see you with my baby mama Im not going speak
She said fucked bae that bitch lying I dont cheat
Free Kodak no punk in me

I feel like jagged edge had to put some umph in it
The white house been fucked since niggas put trump in it
I slid in her dms she didn’t reply so I unsent it