Big Ass Bracelet - Westside Gunn Feat. Stove God Cooks

Big Ass BraceletWestside Gunn Feat. Stove God Cooks

Quotable Lyrics:
Three stripes on the Gucci
Lyrics back to back, 63s, we all had Uzis (Skrrt)
Selene knee-highs over the face, lookin’ spooky
If you ever bought a three for fifty, ni**a, you knew me (Ni**a, you knew me)
In the ghetto, AP strapped the coke out a soupie (Whip)

Neck full of Veert pearls, lookin’ all bougie
Greeted my fiends with “As-salamu alaykum”
Ma’s was a basehead, could blame it on Reagan
What if I tell you drug dealer’s God’s favorite?
Three hunnid for the plate and didn’t taste it (Uh-uh)

You ever left a tip so big, you f**k the waitress? (Woo)
I rocked my DOOM Dunks with red laces
I pray for my ni**as with Fed cases
Who that ni**a in that big ass bracelet?
Ayo, looking like a Margiela model at the Guggenheim (Ah)

Turned three to eight, that sh*t too divine (Width)
Chrome Heart goggles like I’m scuba diving
Hermès seats, it look like the coupe was flyin’ (Skrr)
On the counter, never knew my life would turn this great
Drunk so much Chase, I threw up my Papi Steak (Ah)

Anybody violate, I annihilate (Boom, boom, boom)
I switched the band on the d*ck, you rockin’ time today
I could have f**ked your b*tch but I don’t got the time today (I don’t got the time today)
Tie everybody up, we gotta find the yay (We gotta find the yay)
Jamaican tank top, Jean-Paul Gaultier (Woo, brr)

Airholes on the TEC (Woo, brr) f**k ni**a, I don’t play (Brr)
Three stoves in the kitchen, two in the basement
Who that ni**a in that big ass bracelet?

Westside Gunn