Better Run (Day Is Done) - Kodak Black

Better Run (Day Is Done)Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
On the road, we packed the Scat
Know we gon’ need gas and blacks
Got Zoes in here, big poles in here
Get tatted with this clap
Hit a h*e and pass it back

Your shooter just lost his hat
He Tweet on the computer, I’ma leave his top right in his lap
You can run, but, I’m gon’ catch ya
You can hide, you still gon’ diе, ni**a
When them bullets fly, makе mamas cry
No sympathy in my eyes

Ni**a, what you see when you see me?
I’m a Z, that’s who I be
I’m off my top, ain’t got no mind
Ni**a, I’m killin’ these ni**as for free
Got a yellow beer out of green cherry
Suck d*ck like Karen Stephan