Bentley Truck - Paloma Ford

Bentley TruckPaloma Ford

Quotable Lyrics:
Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up
Pass me the lighter, I light it up
This leather so soft in that Bentley truck

And we’re ridin’ up, Santa Monica
These diamonds, these diamonds, you so in love (So in love)
These dollars, these dollars, I count it up (Count it up)
You know that I got enough for us
You know I got it, baby, you know I got it

You know I got it
Foreign exotic, blue like Hpnotiq
You know I got it, sex so erotic (Oh)

Know how you want it
I know how you want it, baby

Feelings hurt, gonna get your feelings hurt
F**k with me once, you’ll be done with hеr
Yeah, done with her

Drip and finеsse
She go to the clubs, they be writin’ my checks, bet
Ain’t nothin’ to f**k up a check
I wear she makes in a year on my neck, flawless VVS