BDP - Westside Gunn

BDPWestside Gunn

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m God’s favorite, when I spit, the bar raises (C-C-C-C)
Before I got my start, was sellin’ hard drugs to Caucasians
Fought cases, now we high in double R’s racin’ (Skrrt)

I came up, they all thought it was voodoo from the Haitians (Haha)
In all greatness, God, the top lonely but it ain’t spacious (Uh-huh)
The comp all washed up with fiend-out faces (Ni**as poor)

They ain’t sh*t, just for me to prosper, had to take risks
My Off-White Dunks got the criss-cross laces (Uh-huh)
I push a spaceship all through the New York Matrix (Vroom)

Where good kids catch bids and turn Incarcerated Scarfaces
Rather serve you coke outta my palm than work for small wages (Uh-huh)
Kick your door, pray Allah save us, we all favored

Casablanca scarf wiping prints off the stainless (Uh-huh)
I knock whoever off, underground artists or A-list (Boom-boom-boom)
If they in the lane, they just roadkill on the pavement (Uh)

It’s GxFR, dangerous, nothin’ to play with
It’s pure poison on your playlist
I’m like dark skin Michael Jackson stylin’, moonwalkin’ on stages (Woo)

I’m a lord, they all hit the floor and give off praises
Still got dog food residue on my razor

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