BBL - Juicy J,  Pi'erre Bourne

BBLJuicy JPi’erre Bourne

Quotable Lyrics:
Spent a quarter million dollars, on just bags
No, she not flying in the jet, it’s first class
You know that pu**y getting wet from the first blast
Still sorе from her BBL but I’m the first smash

First class ticket for a ratchеt (Ratchet)
Just to bust it in her face, I let her have it (Have it)
The way she flip on the d*ck, she acrobatic (‘Batic)
You see that ass from the front, it’s fat, I gotta smack it

Why you like her, why you wife her (That ass)
Why you be with her, what you see in her (That ass)
Why you spendin’ cash, why you buy that bag (That ass)
Why you rushing things, why you moving fast (That ass)