BBB (Bad Bitch Behavior) - Tay Money

BBB (Bad B*tch Behavior)Tay Money

Quotable Lyrics:
Ay, Tay mu’f**kin’
Get that, get that cash
Get that motherf**king money then we laugh
Get that motherf**king money then we dash
Get it in, get it in, get it out
Shake that, shake your motherf**king math

Do what he do, b*tch do the math
Add it up, add it up, them b*tches mad
While you f**kin’ with me, b*tch, I’m in my bag
Tay Motherf**king Money on that gas
I get to talkin’ dirty, he can’t even last
And guess again, b*tch, I ain’t the same b*tch from the past

Where the f**k they do that at?
Bend it over slow, tryna see my booty tat
Think I seen a puddy tat, hell naw, you can’t have this pu**y cat
Thе f**k you though this was? The f**k you get that sh*t?
You gon’ have to gеt the f**k up out of my section, b*tch
Diamonds, they so glistenin’, them b*tches listenin’

Girl, get your money up, that’s your mission b*tch
D-d-don’t forget the paper, forget them haters
B*tch, he gon’ eat it now and he gon’ eat it later
My name Tay Money but you can call me Taylor
A.K.A. I got that bad b*tch beha