Lamar - Lil Wayne 

BB King (Freestyle) – Lil Wayne Feat. Drake

Quotable Lyrics: BB King (Freestyle) – Lil Wayne Feat. Drake

Let’s go
Ayy, the blues is now kickin’ and dinner is three Michelin
I don’t eat red meat, but still got beef sizzlin’
Know that I need discipline
I keep singin’ for all these hoes, they keep listenin’
Ni**as love to bro up with the boy and dap fists

But we are not equivalent, dawg
I been an only child, don’t need siblings
And I’m past them like the times that he’s livin’ in, okay
Man, if you saw what I flew here, you be like “He’s sickenin'”
If you not runnin’ some top, we not gon’ keep kickin’ it—