Barz Simpson - Sonnyjim & The Purist Feat. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica

Barz SimpsonSonnyjim & The Purist Feat. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica

Quotable Lyrics:
Threw on a Moncler, left the lodge, shot the deer
Smoked a spliff with the Swiss chocolatier
Tap your pocket, flossing
Out in Florence with a Saint Tropez model and a ounce of orange
Tax dodgin’, smokin’ that Moroccan

In the trap cropping, Baggerman cotching
Next week, I’m out in France yachting
Two grand in my back pocket, cop this on the black market
Gourmet dish, I covered all bases
County court cases, a quarter case at the horse races

Tom Ford framin’
Hoppin’ off the boat blazin’, blud, I dress for the occasion
The shrimp’s cajun, my chef’s Asian
I pop a quaalude and feel famous
My side chick sniffs at the situation

Sniffed thе Ronald Reagan off the invitation, Freemason
Freebasing, free agent, out of rеach
Spend the week at the Presidential suite with a freak playing
Layin’ in the cut like we DJing
I pay attention to the detailing, uh

I’m all over my Anna Kournikova
I had to call her over, Casanova
Pop the cork on the four poster
Score a goal like Zola and take home the Gorgonzola
Gorbachev chop the yola, roll the Utopia

Black bottle Remy at the Grosvenor
I’m the composer, poser
Arrogant Adrien Broner, Sinatra, Sosa
Candy red roadster, Louis loafer

I spray a groupie with my Super Soaker, the Super Nova
Two tickets to Verona, high roller
I tell her, “Wake me up when the flight’s over”