Banking On Me - Gunna

Banking On MeGunna

Quotable Lyrics:
She bankin’ on me, I’m the bank (Bank)
I smack her, she love to get spanked (Get spanked)
I tackle her, b*tch love to wrestle (To wrestle)
Young bachelor, we love to play (Play)
Sun come out when I move the drapes (Drapes)

Know my mood when I grab your waist (Waist)
Know you f**kin’ a man that’s made (Made man, hey)
Keep it lowkey, she ain’t after fame
No she ain’t after fame (Amen)

You ain’t like that old ho’ I usеd to be f**kin’
You and her nothin’ the samе (Nothin’ the same)
Don’t care ’bout no cuffin’, you wanna keep bussin’
Then girl, let me know when you came (You came)

I love you in so many ways (Ways)
Don’t know why you never complain (‘Plain)
With you, I can never be shamed (Uh)
Mm, and I usually never say, “Never”

Oh sh*t, look at me today
Love your vibe, I don’t need no sage (Sage, hey)
Clear coat and your car look glazed (Glazed)
Good sex, that ain’t all we made

I don’t wanna get tired of you (Huh)
I’m in a bossy mood, we at the top and we got
us a ocean view (Got us a ocean view)
I know I got it, I’m all in her body
And nobody got a clue (Nobody got a clue)

We in a coupe pullin’ up, board a private, a G5 for only two (G5 for only two)
I really like it, I wan’ stay excited, don’t wanna get tired of you
Don’t wanna get tired of you, don’t wanna get tired of you

Gunna – Banking On Me