Needed That - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & PnB Rock,Water (Drowning Pt.2) - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat. Kodak Black

BallinA Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Quotable Lyrics:
Got my hoodie on like Melo in the garden
Got my money up
I’m ballin’ like LeBron son (Yeah)
They want me to lose my breath (Hm)
So, I got to watch my step (Hm)
Two thirtys on my hip (Mm-hm)

I call ’em Steph and Seth (Mm-hm)
Richy-rich my wrist (Mm-hm)
Call Teki to whip my drip (Mm-hm)
Chrome heart on my chest, I’m ballin’ (Yeah, woo)
Look, I feel like the last one left (Mm-hm)

I put the, “X” in, “Flex” (Mm-hm)
I’m shootin’ with my left like Harden (Like Harden)
So much water on my wrist, it make my arm numb (Arm numb)
All this money, b*tch, I’m ballin’ like LeBron son

Yeah, and you can tell by the way I dress Louis V’ my garments (V’ my garments)
So much fly sh*t, I can take you shoppin’ in my closet (Shoppin’ in my closet, yeah)
And, nowadays, most of these artists sound like Artist (Sound like me)
Yeah, trust me, they can’t ball the way I’m ballin’ / New Music Release

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