Bag Talk - Polo G

Bag TalkPolo G

Quotable Lyrics:
Bag on an opp, now we gettin’ him clapped
Switches let off, we gettin’ him wrapped
Shots from the Drac’ comb out his naps

Now shawty ‘nem checkin’ the Citizen app
I got some ni**as up in them Scat Packs slidin’
And some ni**as that’s still in the trap
F**k ni**a keep on dissin’ in raps

Pressin’ my buttons and triggers get tapped
You know this gangster sh*t all in my blood
I still do it for Durb and Lamp
You could pick any location in the city, I’m good
B*tch, everywhere I go, I’m stamped

I’ma keep on runnin’ and runnin’ and runnin’ up mills
Don’t care if I’m catchin’ a cramp
B*tch, I need every dime, I stay on my grind
Like Tony Hawk up that ramp, uh

Bag talk, I keep havin’ bad thoughts
Stay in somethin’ fast, I’ma stomp the gas and ride off
Pu**y ni**as play up in thеse streets, get left on sidеwalks
I told bronem now we gotta win, can’t leave my guys lost

I ain’t tryna talk, you can get your mind chalked
Had to step up for my block, they don’t know ’bout all them battles fought
Now I got this sh*t on lock, no, I can’t take no time off
Broski always sippin’ Wock’, you would think he had a bad cough