Bad Habits - Lil Mexico ft. Slimelife Shawty

Bad HabitsLil Mexico ft. Slimelife Shawty

Quotable Lyrics:
Got a lot of babies
Got a lot of babies
Got a lot of babies (Got a lot of babies)
A lot of babies, a lot of babies
Got a lot of babies (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Know my mama raised a savage
Can’t put down them Perkys
They say I’m a addict
And I be pourin’ lean inside my cup, I gotta have it (Gotta have it)
And that’s a habit, baby (Baby)

I love hangin’ out the window (Shh)
I love settin’ up
Keep a bad b*tch with me (Real bad b*tch), she’ll set ya up
Know I keep that blicky on me (Keep that blicky on me)
Bust it ‘case he think he tough

I’m a type of ni**a ride the Porsche like no one to blow (Give it up)
I’m the type got it in the club, now, I shoot it up (Shoot it up)
Why you dissin’ on the internet?
That lil’ boy dumb as f**k (Shut it off)

[?] you workin’, I just never saw you suited up (Suited up)
I seen the status, you said you would call the police (You the police)
Don’t rat me, you don’t know me
They envyin’ me lowkey

Took a ni**a bag, he was hatin’ so he owe me
[?] big bag, pu**y wet so I don’t leave
And that’s the way I came out my mama and how I’m gon’ be