Bad Bad - Roy Woods

Bad BadRoy Woods

Quotable Lyrics:
You be on your bad-bad, you be on your sh*t, girl
You be talkin’ all that, oh na-na
I’ve been on my fire, gyal, shh, what you think, girl?
I just want my dollar, oh na-na

Got no time for problems, got no time for arguin’, girl
Stressin’ about nothin’
You be movin’ bad-bad, you be talkin’ slick, girl
You ain’t got no manners, oh na-na

You know the situation, I wouldn’t have to break you
Baby, what’s this inception? Tell me if I should wake you? (Wake up)
You tried to give your best love, but what did that all make you?
Loving me is a lesson, not even I could teach you

Don’t, don’t let me keep you (Don’t let me keep you)
We live odd lives that won’t equal
Leavin’, like tell me right before the prequel
Or you could pull up on me for the sequel

You know seh mi no like them people (Mi no like them)
[?] them wrong me and them evil
Them full of badmind and deceitful
I’m the only one that sees the real you