Bad Ass B*tches - Wiz Khalifa

Bad Ass B*tchesWiz Khalifa

Quotable Lyrics:
We gon’ start this sh*t off right (I want some bad b*tches)
We got badass b*tches in the house tonight (I want some bad h*es)
Badass b*tches, badass b*tches (Bad b*tches)

Badass b*tches, badass b*tches (Bad h*es)
Badass b*tches, badass b*tches (Bad b*tches)
Badass— badass— badass— badass— (B-B-Bankroll got it)

Is this anybody’s b*tch?
Somebody let me know, are you for anybody, b*tch?
I heard from the bros you a busy-bodied b*tch
Shit, don’t nobody care if you got plenty bodies, b*tch

You a— (Badass, badass)
Came in it solo, believe I’m leavin’ out with somethin’
Keep on sayin’ he want problems, but when he see me, don’t address it

Take her back to my casa, know shе a freak, got her undressin’
Drop thе top on the lambchop, disappear soon as we press it