Death Around The Corner - EST Gee Feat. Machine Gun Kelly,Backstage Passes - EST Gee Feat. Jack Harlow

Backstage PassesEST Gee Feat. Jack Harlow

Quotable Lyrics:
I became what you fantasized about becomin’
Had to quit sendin’ music out, ’cause somebody f**ked around, leaked somethin’
Every girl that I mess with know what’s up, but they keep comin’
Pretty shirt, at this point, they don’t wanna know the secrets I keep from ’em
Put your phone down and be somethin’, 25 and you broke (Broke)

Talkin’ ’bout me on the internet, but you dapped me up when we spoke (Fake)
I don’t know if I’m genius, but I definitely had a few strokes (Uh)
Real rap, not jokes (Mmm), dress like I’m at Oakes (Ayy)
Seer suckin’ my coat (Coat), they carryin’ her throat (Yeah)

Hit songs in my notes (Ooh), hit notes like, “Don’t” (Dont)
I just got in my zone (Zone), had to let it be known (Known)
Brought her out, she got flown (Boom), unspoken, we bone
Fell in love with my tone, airplane on my phone

Floatin’ off the Patrón, in the club and I’m stoned
Used to curve me in the tenth grade, now things changed, I’m grown
I ain’t gettin’ dethroned, hit the gas and I’m gone
(Hit the gas and I’m gone, gone), I’m the one that put the city on

Yeah, I’m the one that got the city known off of turkey bags and I’m in it for ’em
I’m the one that gave us big records, I done f**ked around and got my Guinness on
Yeah, in the city I be buildin’ h*es, put butt shots and her titties on
Me though, I like natural, fifty bands in the satchel

Yeah, me and just Jerry actually, and she saved my number under Daddy
Used to do field trips up to Gatti’s, used to do road trips to the natty
And don’t take no pics and don’t at me, I take you to the show to meet Jackie (To the show to meet Jackie)
These girls’ll do anythin’ for some backstage passes (Yeah, yeah)