BACH TO BACH - Fabolous Feat. Dave East

BACH TO BACHFabolous Feat. Dave East

Quotable Lyrics:
They gave me hassle back when we used to capsule crack
Now I’m sh*ttin’ on ’em just to pay them assholes back
Quarterback life, people wanna pass you sacks

Matte black Maybach, I named it Matt Hasselbeck
White ‘Bach truck, the bounce might flash you back
“Still D.R.E.,” Snoop and Dre, classic track (Still)

We done schoolin’ ni**as, time to throw them tassel caps (Real)
We the tag team that never tongue rassled back

Ain’t goin’ back and forth with ni**as, I don’t battle rap
Safari Air Max in the jungle, match with the habitat
If you need a brick stepped on, I know whеre some Kappas at

Lost homies, twistеd my mental, just gettin’ back from that
If I wrote my life in a book, I bet not a chapter whack
I don’t know where your mouth been, this blunt, I’m not passin’ that

I been on Remy, not shorty that make Pap’ relax
From trap to rap, we pull up Bach to Bach, it’s a matter of fact / New Music Release

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