BabyBoy Freestyle - Rah Swish

BabyBoy FreestyleRah Swish

Quotable Lyrics:
Look, go get ya baby boy no I ain’t Tyrese
Turn to a ghost if he thinking he tommy
I got a bad b*tch brown like foxy
I’m in the studio they tried to line me
Chop in the fanny so that’s right beside me
I told the shooters to go stand behind me
I hope they try me

She my Beyoncé, Dej Loaf tell ’em to try me
Last ni**a play with us he got a I.V
I’m only aiming for heads like A I.D
She want a 30 I gave her a OXY
I like ’em slutty so I need it sloppy
Can’t trust that b*tch if she start moving oppy
Ice on my neck with the stick like it’s hockey
That ni**a pu**y he move like a fassy
I’m gaining weight but this 40 still ocky