Baby / Hamza Remix - Aitch, Ashanti

Baby / Hamza RemixAitch, Ashanti

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, yo, I don’t only love her for the sex (Awww, ba by)
But I swear to God, I love it when she says (Awww, ba by)
She know that she f**kin’ with the best

Thinkin’ she an angel ’til I put her on the bed (Ha)
Gotta chase this money, ba by, nothin’ to be said (Awww, ba by)
I ain’t having no distraction when I’m runnin’ up a cheque (Awww, ba by)
Every time I leave the crib, I got you lookin’ at me stressed
But as soon as I’m home (Oh, ba by, I’m satisfied)

Yeah, face down, arse up, cock it right back
Ba by, how you not a model with a body like that? (Awww, ba by)
Oh God, when she top me, she the top of my class
When we f**k, I’ma copyright that (That’s mine)

I be on a vibe
Money to the side, I’m just tryna live my life (Yeah)
I can’t even leave without her giving me the eyes
Babe, it ain’t my fault, I gotta focus on what’s mine
Take it easy, give me time (Young Aitch, yeah) / New Music Release

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