Assanova 2X - Troy Ave

Assanova 2X – Troy Ave

Quotable Lyrics: Assanova 2X – Troy Ave

Ghetto dreams of being richer
Broke and with money wrote my songs and my scriptures then I got to thinkin’
Damn I miss my nigga if you ever lost somebody then say R.I.P. my ni**a
(R.I.P. my ni**a!)

Real ni**a die, fake ni**a went to jail
Ain’t no balance I need murder on that scale
I Wanna say more but the people on my trial
I gotta be cautious while I’m prepping for this trial
I sat for two months they wouldn’t give ur boy a bail
I sat for two months they couldn’t get your boy to tell
? said something he ain’t my dog that’s a opp
That ni**a went to court started talking like a cop
9-1-1 ni**as ? but they not
Even fake friends left Troy went I was shot
Why these ni**as ain’t put in pain went I was locked?
Why these ni**as leave me to take on these Glocks?