ASAP Sauce - Sauce Walka Feat. A$AP Rocky

ASAP SauceSauce Walka Feat. A$AP Rocky

Quotable Lyrics:
My shawty Dior, my belt Saboteur
I be drippin’ flavor sauce galore, sh*t they can’t afford
None of my drip can be found in stores, my shoes ain’t like yours
My flavor like rain because it pours and my b*tch [?]
You know my n***as be splashin’, rocket got a Fendi [?] for action
We big up again like Madden, we coachin’ these n***as at fashion
I sip and I shop in Manhattan, my b*tch got all the baguettes
I ain’t swipin’ no cards, I’m cashin’, that’s the reason my pants be saggin’