Are U Live - Chance The Rapper Feat. Valee & Jeremih

Are U Live – Chance The Rapper Feat. Valee & Jeremih

Quotable Lyrics: Are U Live – Chance The Rapper Feat. Valee & Jeremih

Are you live? Lit? Loud?
Dirty clothes, hamper, trap, study
Fold, rock it, yuh, yuh
It’s a Audi, zoom-zoom, ZZ’s, nap
Hit it, stamp, lean, frap
Nasty, yeah, uh-oh, snap
Bagback, tap, bitch this slap
Handshake, what’s that? Dap (dab)

F*ck with my 12’s, Wisconsin Dells
What about you? Yeah, f*cked a masseuse
F*ck that b*tch and send her right back to you
Chunk up the deuce

Been pulled the trigger, I’ve been that ni**a
Yeah, ooh, I’m with my lil’ man, I’m with the zoo
With the wood in my ear, made the roof disappear
F*ck that b*tch to Erykah Badu, hahahaha
Used to rock Havana Joe boots

I’m sorta boujee but I’m not a b*tch
You got the goose but it’s not a Givenchy
I swear, my palms, they be itching
You rocking braids, that sh*t is different
Be Versace, look through the shades / New Music Release

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