Aquamarine - Black Thought & Danger Mouse Feat. Michael Kiwanuka

AquamarineBlack Thought & Danger Mouse Feat. Michael Kiwanuka

Quotable Lyrics:
Everything’s burning down
When I close my eyes [?]
Enemies all around
I don’t understand, my friend, my friend

We go from Lira to Libra
From cold water to fever
To World War 3 from the treaty signed in Geneva
The biology teacher said we used to be amoebas
The neighborhood preacher said we emerged from the ether

We converge from urethra and struck gold, eurеka
The morning star Tariq, I was born to be a teachеr
Whether scorpion or the frog, the nature of the creature
Is to evolve, though it’s the savage beast we truly are

My words should be studied up in Berkeley and Juilliard
All my bars is hard as solid gold bouillon
My name in the Qur’an, like the kingdom of Shurima

You done lost your mind trying to call me a [?]
‘Cause in 215 where folks fight depression
And wives pack protection, lives lack direction

I’m a king, I’m dipped in God’s black complexion
Survival of the fittest is the natural selection
Now, bend down on the scene like I’m Saladin

The stone courage esteem is aquamarine
You mask how you really feel like it’s Halloween
Where they ask how you really feel about my machine

In a class that I’m only in
Alien, horsepower like a Mongolian
Trying to find soul again

But my thoughts corrupt the files that contaminate the console again
It’s a shame, but I cannot complain though I am not the same
My bandwidth is a canvas cut from His frame

When I present ideas, naked and unashamed
His hand written in Sanskrit on [?]