any given sunday - Kehlani Feat. Blxst,more than i should - Kehlani Feat. Jessie Reyez

any given sundayKehlani Feat. Blxst

Quotable Lyrics:
Are you workin’, baby?
Are you workin’ tonight?
‘Cause I got a brand new bag, oh yeah
I just touched down in Miami, babe
Make it rain on your stage any given Sunday

The baddest b*tch that’s in the mirror
Wants to love somebody’s daughter right
We just talk for months, I buy her what she want
I splurge and spoil, all the fun
I’m throwin’ a paper tantrum at the club (Are you workin’ tonight?)
Make it rain on your stage any given Sunday
This sh*t is presidential, got you stimulated (Ooh)

To you, I’m more than famous (Ooh, ooh)
Call me daddy in front of all your b*tches in the lobby
I’ll let you come back to the room to smoke as much as you desire
Like it’s presidеntial (Ooh, woah)
Like it’s my house (Ooh, woah)
Like it’s my crеw

No skill, we talkin’ ’bout practice (Ooh)
No flame, I’m blowin’ out matches (Ooh)
Mustang, it come with no handles
She in love, I wonder what happened / New Music Release

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