Angelz - Denzel Curry,John Wayne - Denzel Curry Produced by JPEGMAFIA,Ain't No Way - Denzel Curry Feat. 6LACK, J.I.D, Rico Nasty, JASIAH & Powers Pleasant

AngelzDenzel Curry

Quotable Lyrics:
I spent my whole career lookin’ for validation
Chasin’ women that use pu**y for they persuasion
Chained to my vessel, saw freedom in meditation
Usin’ medication would make the perfect escapist
They unprestigious, I got angels in my allegiance
My demons would look for sin like junkies feelin’ fiendish
The meanest streets I walk in, these size elevens I stalk
Not carin’ if I’m rich or if I’m surrounded by chalk
I could either live like Jay or die like Jah