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American Horror Story OGEarthGang

Quotable Lyrics:
Talk to me now, speak loud and clear
Where would I be if I was not here?
American Horror Story
Horror–, Horror Story

Talk to me now, speak loud and clear
Where would I fly if I was not here?
American Horror Story
Horror Story

Set, set, set me free
Set me free (Horror Story)
Set, set me free (Yeah)
Set me

Once upon a time across the far and widе
Blue abyss, the first peoplе known to Earth thrived
Shaped the world with our feet, mastered the skies
The envy of other nations comes as no surprise

Sun-kissed skin, gold swingin’ from my necks
Milk form the Gods fallin’ from our womens breasts
Then one day, a ship docked with evil intentions

That would change the course of the world and shape our lives
Brutality struck and casualties climbed
The white man had landed the Bible right behind

Put that together, you get kidnapped and dragged through
the door of no return into a ships bottom, chained in line
Trafficked cross the ocean where the real ones died

Revolted and jumped overboard, see you next time
Of foreign lands, stolen worlds smells of death rise
But with laughter, blood, and fire, somehow, we survived

Four hundred years of mutilation, rape, degradation
And family separations and a foreign God
But see, we took that like we took scraps and gave you soul food

Put our foot in that, that’s what our souls do
Gave you rock and roll while we cleaned toilets
First, we built this nation, now watch you destroy it

The miseducation of ten generations
But today I’m teachin’ American horror stories