American Horror Story OG - EarthGang,LVL'D UP - EarthGang,BILLI - EARTHGANG, Blxckie,AMBEYONCÉ - EarthGang Feat. Smino,SMOKE SUM (Remix) - EarthGang Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

AMBEYONCÉEarthGang Feat.


Quotable Lyrics:
Check your story everyday, but don’t want you to know
Can I hide it? Can I keep it on the tuba, low
Made my bed, hammer, nails, hard as Hell, there I dwell
On the count of three, we out, I hope my parachute blow
We was bangin’ for the cameras, but it ain’t just for the video

No, that Glock ain’t got no safety
If you know, baby, I guess you know (Huh)
Where the runner at?
Man, she took off with my heart, can you get it back?
Whatever it cost, put it on the card

Rap game Chaka Khan, new Diana Ross
Hopscotch, don’t step out the line,
put you back in the chalk (Shoo-shoo, shoo-shoo-shoo)
Humbly I ask for your forgiveness (Woah-oh)

Wild sh*t up ahead, I hope you with it (Woah-oh)
This ain’t Tom and Jerry, but I chase the cat
I was smokin’ Backwoods ‘fore they cost me fifty a pack

I’m the sun, I am the rain, I am your wish list
I’m the ecstasy, the pain, I know you feel this (Uh!)
Keep the ambiance around me, I’m Beyoncé (Yeah)
Hate the dice roll, baby girl, but don’t you hate the game (Uh-uh)
(Hate the game)