Almighty Gnar - Lil Gnar Feat. Chief Keef

Almighty GnarLil Gnar Feat. Chief Keef

Quotable Lyrics:
I love some dodi (Damn)
Talkin’ Olympians, b*tch,
I got trophies (Yeah)
Call me broksi (Nope)

Give your ass that Kobe,
you try to backdoor me (Bang, bang, bang)
Skokie (Skokie)
B*tch, I’m from the Southside,
ain’t from Skokie

Call me Smokey
We ready if the opps think they can smoke me
These b*tches dirty
Where I’m from,
you get a pistol for dirty cheap

A McFlurry
B*tch, my f**kin’ wrist a McFlurry
Like a jersey
We’ll leave your t-shirt like a jersey (On god)
Did ya heard me? (Bang, bang, bang, huh, huh)

I just-I just got some brand new Marni (Damn, yeah)
I just-I just blew some bands in Onyx (Bands in Onyx)
I just took the stand and I lied yo’ honor (On god, Sosa baby)
She gon’ come to crib and give me that body (Damn)

I keep a big FN, I be with piranhas (Grrr)
I just copped a Lamb’ truck, f**k yo’ Honda (Ayy, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Lil Gnar like a doctor, he be medicated (Un un, meds)
I need my money now, I ain’t got no patience