ALL MY SH*T STUPID - iLoveMakonnen Feat. NBA Youngboy

ALL MY SH*T STUPIDiLoveMakonnen Feat. NBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
All my sh*t is stupid, this-this sh*t is fluid
All my sh*t is stupid, this-this sh*t is fluid
Put them, put them girls on LSD, liquid, they like “Ooh sh*t”
I’m out in Beverly Hills, same house that they shot Clueless

All my sh*t is stupid, think my swag need therapy
Stay up in some new sh*t, all my cars got LSD
Think I need a new chick, ’cause my girl be scarin’ me

The way she give head, she ahead of me
And all these labels wanna bury me
Came from the trap, where the bricks and the stick go

Know I’m smokin’ gas, it ain’t came from the Citgo
Bad bitch say she want Makonnen
Told her that’s okay, long as your friend go

Oversеas, spent a bag where I hid though
I ain’t scarеd of the judge or the time, keep a TEC though
All my shit retarded, need Bently, had a Hellcat roarin’

Came for to see front row at my show
But she say her favorite rapper Lil Peep, though (Uh)