All I Really Wanted - Cam'ron & A-Trak

All I Really WantedCam’ron & A-Trak

Quotable Lyrics:
In high school, I was on the court getting buckets, b*tch
Then I started gettin’ duckets, can’t lie, I’m in love with this
The art of getting money, man, my motto was like “F**k a b*tch”

By time I turned thirty, I completed my own bucket list
I don’t take threats lightly, careful who you f**kin’ with
Dying’ll make you way more famous than your publicist

My life, they wanna publish it
They ain’t got enough money so I keep duppin’ it (Adios)
Heard all the talks show, never doing Unsung
Mary J., ’92, herе’s the 411
I am no dumb, dumb

Big L, Bloodshed, Hud 6, Google it
Forgot whеre I come from?
Walked around broke, hit a lick, got a lump sum
If you wore jewelry, the wolves was like, “Yum yum” (Grr)
Way before stun guns, I stunned ’em, run, run
Tell that, pick up your face, I’m from the slumps, hun’

(All I really wanted) Money, cars, clothes, hood respect
(All I really wanted) Clientele in town, brown bags, a good connect
(All I really wanted) Play ball, sell drugs, maybe get a record deal
(All I really wanted) Private jet, a girl with some sex appeal