All Dz Chainz - Gucci Mane Feat. Lil Baby

All Dz ChainzGucci Mane Feat. Lil Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
They sayin’ I do too much ’cause I got all these chains on me
Ni**as don’t like when we in the club, ’cause they get rained on
We get on with ni**as, we turn disses into pain song

The feds picked up the case, he got a bond, that money bring him home
How many you got? Just bring ’em all, I’m Mr. Get ‘Em Gone
I move like a ghost, I’m on the go, four weeks I switch the phone
I walk in, I couldn’t care ’bout sh*t, no cap, I set the tone

You the type to flex for h*еs, I’m the type turn up the bros
I won’t givе a damn, they all for life, you better not break the code
Knowin’ bro he ain’t sweet, you tryna speak, so they had wiped your nose

So deep off in the street, I signed my life away to sellin’ ‘bow
Blue Ferrari cost nine hunnid bands, you know I pay it cash
Count addict’, she just missin’ the lil’, so I touch up her ass

They just spin, I tell ’em “Spin again, and bro don’t leave your mask”
If I don’t go, I’m gon’ feel like a ho, we gon’ get on your ass
F**k the other side, you gon’ get blicks for tryna mediate
I’m gon’ run this money up no matter what, y’all eat away (Yeah)