Ain't Safe - Trippie Redd feat. Don Toliver

Ain’t SafeTrippie Redd feat. Don Toliver

Quotable Lyrics:
Ni**a this sh*t ain’t safe
Ni**a this sh*t ain’t safe
I done moved around Nat Geo
I can dodge that b*tch like Neo (huh)

Ni**a this sh*t ain’t safe
And her friend came down from Rio
She done moved in with a whole kilo (huh)

Keep it poppin (uh huh)
Oxy cotin (uh huh)
She be poppin (uh huh)
40s droppin (uh huh)

See me stoppin (uh huh)
Never stoppin (uh huh)
Oxy cotin (uh huh)
40 drops (uh huh)

Ni**a this sh*t ain’t safe
Cartier ice the face
Pouring a four of the drank
Moving around in a tank

Diamonds they water they wet like a lake
Thinking bout causing a scene today
Sliding around with that bank
Sliding around with a K

You play with my brothers then you gotta pay
We zip that boy up like he rocking some bape
Pu**y you better obey

You ni**as better play safe
Woah, you better play safe