Ain’t Original - SCY Jimm ft. BLP Kosher

Ain’t OriginalSCY Jimm ft. BLP Kosher

This hip-hop track is a collaborative single by Florida-based rapper SCY Jimm and fellow Florida artist BLP Kosher. This is a dynamic hip-hop track that reflects on the concept of originality in the music industry. Both artists bring their unique styles to the song, offering clever lyrics and a captivating flow.

The track addresses the idea that many artists imitate others rather than forging their own creative path. This song is a thought-provoking commentary on the authenticity and creativity within the hip-hop genre, making it a noteworthy addition to their musical repertoire. The collaboration between SCY Jimm and BLP Kosher adds to the overall appeal of the track, showcasing their chemistry and talent. / New Music Release

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