Ain't On None - 21 Lil Harold, 21 Savage

Ain’t On None21 Lil Harold, 21 Savage

Quotable Lyrics:
I keep two Glocks, sorry ni**a, I don’t shoot no ones
I got shoebox money and it filled up with them hun’
Think I’m on some (On some) when I ride ’round with these guns
Ni**as ain’t know none, they just dissin’ in they song

Cap-ass ni**a, you doin’ all that dissin’, no rap ass-ni**a
And we can fill you up with all these gotdamn triggers
Ni**a better check the score, ’cause we done dropped some
Ni**a doin’ too much ridin’, they gon’ hop some (Hop some)

We the type of ni**a pull up where your show at (Where your show at)
You the type of ni**a turn into a doormat (Stomp, stomp)
[?] fill the car like a lowjack (Bow, bow)
You ain’t gon’ do shit, you talkin’ and you know that

All that loud bark talk get you (Yeah) dropped
Put my d*ck in her mouth, ’cause I’m a (Yeah) dawg
I done f**ked her on the couch in her (Yeah) house
And my chain go “Blaow”