AHHH HA (Freestyle) - Rowdy Rebel

AHHH HA (Freestyle)Rowdy Rebel

Quotable Lyrics:
I ain’t postin’ on no pictures of my bro [T-dot?] (Huh?)
‘Til a body drop, we’ll spin, go get your G-lock (Rrrah, get it)
I told ni**as when I came home, I was gon’ re-route
But I’m back up in this bitch tryna see what this sh*t ’bout (Ayy, what it is? Ah-ha)
I told ni**as, if they bend our block then bend it back (Come here)
If them ni**as send some shots our way then send it back (Ayy, come here)
If they free Quento and Scrap then it’s a Reynolds wrap
We gon’ have to get some brand nеw sticks and get our rentals wrapped (Ah-ha)