Aang - Pivot Gang

AangPivot Gang

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, hopping out the water like Aang with my gang, ni**a
Got that fire like Aang with with my gang, ni**a
Air a ni**a out like Aang with my gang, ni**a
Moving that rock like Aang with my gang, ni**a

I was on the block like Dwayne,
taking the bus and we hopping the train
Moving that rock like Dwayne,
from the westside and my grandpapa went to Crane, ni**a
My whole life had changed

When I seen Cam in the range
Dressing in pink, in a blink I think I’m safe
Dressing like N*SYNC, jumping on stage, ni**a
Bro said to act my age, it ain’t no act and
the pack light beige, right where I stayed

Pivot Gang