An Entertainment Industry Giant : Rapper-actor
Earl “DMX” Simmons

As we the fans, the music industry, and the family of Earl “DMX” Simmons attempt to wrap our minds around the tragic news of his demise at the age of 50, let us remember to lift everyone impacted in this tragedy in prayer.  While we see DMX in his celebrity status, please don’t forget that his family has to navigate that he is no longer in the earth realm. Remember that his fame didn’t change his humanity status, so let’s bombard heaven on their behalf!

Please keep the entertainment industry and the community of people who have been influenced not by just his music acumen, but his people and business approach to cultural and social ideas that were near and dear to him.  This is a tremendous loss.  So we pause to lift in prayer, his family, friends, business partners, and all who are reeling around this tragedy and send our deepest sympathy to everyone who is feeling this loss. Let love rise in you as we process the break in a great chain and withhold all judgment around what caused it!!!

Written by A.Johnson / New Music Release

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