90 Proof - Smino

90 ProofSmino

Quotable Lyrics:
Take a break and roll a sticky, let’s get high (See)
Not too great at relationships, at least I try (Uh)
Patient, baby, gotta make a couple rounds (Yeah, you know, oh)
Though I’ll make it back to you to settle down (Yeah, yeah)

Don’t blame yourself for all the sh*t you see me do
I’m gettin’ used to bein’ loved, girl, the right way
My ni**a pulled up at the stu’, said he got two

I said, “I’m cool,” he looked at me, like, “Ni**a, you crazy” (Yeah, yeah)
My heart start beatin’ to the trumpet, boom-boom-boom
I sang this tune, I wrote for you and your DJ, baby (Aye DJ, turn this shit up for me)

Play mе this song to set the mood, she want thе truth
It’s ninety proof, I hide behind the famous (Take it now, take it now)