8 Figures - DaBaby Feat. Meek Mill

8 Figures – DaBaby Feat. Meek Mill

Quotable Lyrics: 8 Figures – DaBaby Feat. Meek Mill

Hey, big bro, tell these ni**as it’s whatever with me (Started)
Tell my pops I said, “What’s happenin’?”
Yeah, ni**as ain’t f*ckin’ with me, ni**a
Ain’t nothin’ you could do with me
I’m already broken in half, ni**a, I’m already empty
Ni**a, but at the same time, still full of love
Ni**a, my heart still pure
I can’t even explain this sh*t, ni**a
It’s Kirk, long live G
Let’s go

Started from the bottom, he a eight-figure ni**a (Ah)
Got a cramp in my back, I was carryin’ ungrateful b*tches and ni**as
I got it though, cut the light on and I see a soul full of pain when I look in the mirror
I’m broken now, ain’t believe in this sh*t
I’ll trade anything just to see big brother get up
How you even mean to do this?