712 PM (Freestyle) - Kevin Gates

712 PM (Freestyle)Kevin Gates

Quotable Lyrics:
Send my [?], diamonds legit, you see the earings (Bling, baow)
[?] business, leave the base crystal, smell like propane
In the two [?], with the eagle stance, we with the dope gang
Interstate traffic, compartment compacted with Colgate (Grr)

Shoutout the ones that Big Sand is standin’ on, thеy on it
General population, the gangstеr hold his own weight
[?], Cartel Bo send you them whole things (What that be?)
Emerald cut skeleton, they be distributin’ cocaine

Astaghfirullah, seekin’ Allah’s forgiveness (Astaghfirullah)
Twenty bricks of fentanyl, parkour in the parking lot of Picadilly
Blood gettin’ spilled when [?] family members know when I visit
[?] Baton Rouge General (Yeah)

Car got torched even when the problems weren’t personal, it was just business
Picked up on murder charges, I stood tall, got no convictions
Chop up my Honda, holler at Wop whenever I [?]
Long live Beedie, he got killed and had the trenches in they feelings

Big bro, they FaceTimed my [?], real lil’ ni**a
Glory is deaf, these is the consequences when you live how we live
I done got blackballed, got a trap house, and signed to the trenches
Givin’ off heroine, [?] blenders, and a box full of syringes
Nowdays, it’s sixty rounds and everybody playin’ switches (Grr)
Good old days