712 AM (Freestyle) - Key Glock

712 AM (Freestyle)Key Glock

Quotable Lyrics:
Sitting in the back of the Benz sipping drizzank
I been going crazy running in and out the bizzank
If it wasn’t for google, mane that b*tch wouldn’t know my real name

Drop the lambo truck on my watch you can go ask —
Let the doors swing on the lambo, yeah this a rich thing
Having too much money, my accountant start complaining
I drink all this mud, no I can’t help it; it’s my boo thing

Oh this ni**a said he gon do what ? well I’m like okay
Money so long I been getting it on
Yeah ni**a I been going dumb

I been going dumb
Still going dumb
I been running this sh*t up
Big goyard bag full of cash

Now this b*tch wanna come f**k
Straight out south Memphis