Sincerely Face - Babyface Ray

6 Mile ShowBabyface Ray feat. Icewear Vezzo

Quotable Lyrics:
One blue hundred, she’ll dance for me
She know I got a check, keep harassin’ me
It’s a mess on my neck, keep starin’ at me
“Face, what it hit for?” They keep askin’ me
Just hopped off the stage, h*es grabbin’ me
Man, the money counter still ain’t fast as me
Gettin’ money right now, ain’t no time to beef
Forty-eight hours, I ain’t had no sleep (Yeah)

Ho, you a fool
Thinkin’ I’d kick my cup for a b*tch, put her over my juice
Glock 19, I ain’t playin’ with ni**as
I’ll up that b*tch, put bro on the news
Shit changed me, all this gotdamn ice
I gotta f**k first night, can’t go for the fool
Basically, I ain’t with the waitin’ patiently
Only here for a day, let’s go to the room