29 (Freestyle) - J.I.D

29 (Freestyle)J.I.D

Quotable Lyrics:
Trudgin’ through the mud, you gotta pay me back in blood
Tap heads, call subs if you tired, bruh
Liable to wild if they don’t give me my semi-nine
Fit me fine, hit a ni**a fifty five-five, ha, times

Hard times still ahead and behind, don’t whine though
I ride or die, or I’ll die while releasin’ the Rondo
I’m qualified, I’ve never made a dollar off of Spotify
Shit, nah, I’m lyin’, probably five

She say my willy really giant, Jiddie Cauley-Stein
Kamikaze cool, killin’ mood
You will not survive, who will I include?

Every girl, guy, so-called thug, goon, gеt in the line
‘Cause whеn I touch lines, it’s suicide
It’s ’bout time for ni**as to duck the shade then shine through all blinds