24 - Quando Rondo

24Quando Rondo

Quotable Lyrics:
Pot of gold
Hopefully I could chase the sack, end of the road
I leave and I ain’t never comin’ back, that’s all I know
The question that you never seem to ask, I wanna know
How I react with beams and MACs? Lil’ woadie kick a door
She just want some diamonds, flooded from her head to toe

Call it perfect timin’, on her left wrist, AP froze
And overtimin’, clock keep chimin’, I think it’s my time to go
Dollar signs and he don’t mind it, cookin’ over stoves
Bag made by Marc Jacobs, totin’, got my pistol in it
AMG, I’m rollin’, fully focused, need a cigarette

I just gotta reassess, they know this million-dollar check (Paol Trizzy maced it, bro)
Bae, I need to see you for this evenin’, I can’t get no rest
She just want some diamonds, no, she don’t want no more of me
Baby, you the finest, I just want some loyalty
I switched up her stylin’, Balenciaga, Jordan sneaks
I swear that all these police sirens really paranoin’ me