24 Hrs - Kaash Paige Feat. Lil Tjay

24 HrsKaash Paige Feat. Lil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics:
Wasting time on the lowest keys (Keys)
So you tryna see what’s up with me?
Can I be your company? (Can I? Can I? Can I?)
Take my time, bae, don’t you run from me, oh
Don’t, don’t worry, I’m taking it slow

You, you know, hit me up when you’re ready to roll
I’m up ’til three in the morning
Calling ’cause you know that I want it
Speeding too fast with a motion
Send me the addy, I’m goin’

In twenty-four hours, in twenty-four hours
Just landed in Dallas, I need some balance, girl
We can take champagne showers if you about it
I can tell by your ways, that pu**y got powеr, girl
Girl, girl, girl